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The Data

Recovering More High-Quality Cells

recovering high quality cells

WBC Recovery

DCS Processing consistently recovers more WBC than other technologies, featuring an average recovery of ~90% combined with an industry leading low variability (<7%Coefficient of Variation)


DCS processing maintains cell viability to within 1% of input viability. Viability typically exceeds centrifugal methods.

Superior Removal of Contaminants

RBC Removal

DCS' unique separation mechanism of enables robust removal of RBCs from fresh Leukopacks, leaving essentially RBC free PBMC for next step in the engineering process.

Platelet Removal

DCS platelet removal efficiency is in excess of 99%. This near complete elimination of biological drivers from activated platelets ensures that DCS processed cells are uniquely well positioned for next steps in the manufacturing journey.

Note: All data based on Curate System prototype. (N=54)
DCS™ (Deterministic Cell Separation™ – Curate Microfluidics Platform)