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Deterministic Cell Separation

A faster path to superior starting cells for cell and gene therapies

The Curate® Cell Processing System gently isolates leukocytes using Deterministic Cell Separation™ (DCS), an advanced, highspeed microfluidic technology that gently separates cells based on size. Optimized for processing apheresis and cell culture samples, the Curate obtains uniquely larger quantities of healthier leukocytes compared to other separation technologies.

How It Works


More Cells.
Better Purity.

The Curate Cell Processing System delivers what standard cell processing technologies have failed to provide: The best quality starting material.

  • Over 4x more central memory T cells
  • Over 7x fewer platelets than ficoll-based methods
  • Over 3-log washing efficiency
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Simplified Process and Easy-to-Use System

Uniquely intuitive software, simple instrument loading, and predefined programs dramatically improve the cell separation and concentration process compared to other methods, resulting in a streamlined process for generating the highest quality starting material.

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Curate System Components

Car-t Cell therapy system
Compact Instrument

Designed for easy of use, the Curate Instrument is an automated, closed fluidic management system that controls and monitors sample and fluid movement through the cassette. With a small footprint, the Curate instrument fits on any standard lab benchtop.

Car-t Cancer cells therapy system
Single-Use Cassette

The single-use Curate cassette is a microfluidics consumable designed for processing apheresis or cell culture samples. Color-coded tubing and software prompts guides the user to connect sample, buffer, product and waste bags to the cassette and hang them on the Curate instrument.

Cell Processing System
Intuitive Software

The integrated Curate software provides an easy-to-use interface guiding users through system set-up and enabling sample processing on the Curate instrument with minimal technical knowledge by using optimized, pre-defined programs for standardized cell processing.

Sample Processing Modes

Curate Separation and Wash

Separation and Wash

Separates and washes cells using DCS technology to move leucocytes directly into a clean buffer, resulting in exceptionally efficient washing with virtually no carry-over of background material. One passage is equivalent to several rounds of centrifugal washing with it’s associated cell losses.
Separation and Wash


Enriches target cells ~2 fold within the same buffer and in a single pass through the cassette using DCS technology, allowing the cells to be efficiently concentrated within a defined medium.
Separation and Wash Plus Concentration

Separation and Wash Plus Concentration

Recirculates leukocytes using the same cassette, simultaneously separating cells and concentrating the product. This process enables the collection of the product cells in a specified volume and does not affect the run time or viability.
Curate Performance
FeatureCurateFicoll-based methods
Sample processing rate400 mL/hr System dependent
Maximum cell throughput40x109 cells/hr System dependent
Cell size> 4-30 µmDensity based
Cell typeLeukocytesLeukocytes
Total WBC recovery*8.2x1092.6x109
Percent WBC recovery> 90%52%
Total T cell recovery*2.4x1091.1x109
Platelet removal99%92%
Wash efficiency> 3 log~ 2 log
RBC Removal90%83%
Note: Expected performance data from average of 18 standard leukopak samples and based on Curate System prototype.
*Normalized to 200mL sample input volume. Average sample input volume processed with the Curate was >150mL.
Includes ~5% loss to prefiltering. DCS processing efficiency is >96%.

Curate Dimensions