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Cell Separation Performance

High Potential for Improving Patient Outcomes

Reducing the time to reach dose and processing less differentiated T cells that are depleted of platelets has been shown to strongly correlate with improved engraftment, persistence, and functionality for autologous cell therapies. The Curate System’s Deterministic Cell Separation™ technology removes 7x more platelets than density-based methods, while recovering 4x more central memory (less differentiated) T cells.

Increasing Access to Life Saving Therapies

By reducing the cost and production time of cell therapy manufacturing, the Curate System can enable manufacturers to increase facility production capacity and the potential for cost reduction of up to 50% for autologous cell therapies, making cures for once-intractable diseases dramatically more accessible and affordable to more patients.

Reducing Vein-To-Vein Time

A critical goal for improving outcomes for autologous cell therapy patients, whose health may further deteriorate while waiting for treatment, is to substantially shorten the manufacturing and vein-to-vein time. For typical 200mL normal donor leukopak samples, the Curate System delivers 2.15x more T cells compared to density-based methods, suggesting the ability to make dose equivalencies in as little as 3-4 days.